Frequently asked questions

Due to that we are receiving daily hundreds of questions, we decided to create FAQ page that will answer all unclear questions.


Who can become an investor of Rich Bitcoin Inc. and make deposit?
- Every person, who has legal rights to manipulate with money and owns enough Bitcoins to deposit. There are also no nationality restrictions.
What is the minimum and maximum deposit amount of Bitcoin?
- The lowest amount to deposit is 0.001 BTC and the biggest amount to deposit is 10 BTC.
What kinds of investment plans do you offer?
- We provide two long-term investment programs for our investors;
  1. 150% Plan is designed for smaller investors, which want to deposit from 0.001 to 0.0099 BTC and will get 150% in 24 hours.
  2. 200% Plan is designed for investors which want to earn more - deposit from 0.01 - 10 BTC and will get 200% in 24 hours.
How does investment work and when will I receive my Bitcoins?
- After sending deposit, you will automatically receive after 24 hours your amount of Bitcoins. The amount of Bitcoins depends on height of your deposit and investment plan. The system works 24/7.

How does your referral system work? 
- Every our user is receiving his own referral link and can become promoter. If he advises our company to somebody new and that referral makes deposit, the promoter will receive 10% of deposited Bitcoins automatically to his wallet.
Do you charge any fees when I send or receive Bitcoins?
- No, our company does not charge any fees.
How long is my deposit active and will work?
- Our investment plan is active for 24 hours since you deposit. You can make as many deposits as you want and whenever you want.
How long does Bitcoins transfer take?
- Bitcoin transfer is done after 3 site confirmations. It usually takes no more than a hour.
How many deposits can I make?
- You can make as many deposits as you want, we do not define it.


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